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Minor I Championship Round

Washington Twp. vs Tidal Wave

Game 1  Friday 6/29 at Washington Lake Park #6  6:15pm

Game 2 Double Header 6/29 at WLP#6 8:15pm

Game 3 if needed Monday 7/2 at Millville JV 6:15pm


Minor II Championship Round

GTAA vs Runnemede

Game 1 Tuesday 6/26 at Holly and Park   6:15pm

Game 2 Wednesday 6/27 at Lakeland Rear  6:15pm

Game 3 if needed 6/29 at Holly and Park  6:15pm


Minor III Championship Round

Pine Hill (Paul) vs Somerdale

Game 1 Monday 6/25 at Joey Green  6:30pm

Game 2 Tuesday 6/26 at Hilltop  6:30pm

Game 3 if needed Thursday 6/28 at Joey Green  6:30pm



Play Offs

Minor I First Round

Washington Twp (1)vs Haddon Twp (4)

Game 1 Tues. 6/19 at Haddon Twp HS 6:15pm   (12-10 Haddon Twp.)
Game 2 Wed. 6/19 at WLP #8 5:45pm  (12-2 Washington Twp.)
Game 3 if needed DH after 2nd game 7:45pm WLP#8
   (6-4 Washington Twp)

Washington Twp. moves on to Championship Round

Tidal Wave (2) vs Gloucester City (3)

Game 1 Tues. 6/19 at Gloucester City 6:15pm  (11-1 Tidal Wave)
Game 2 Tues. 6/19 DH at Gloucester City 8:15pm  (17-3 Tidal Wave)
Game 3 if needed Wed. 6/20 at Millville JV

Tidal Wave moves on to Championship Round


Minor II First Round

Runnemede (1)  vs  Glendora Bob (4)  

Game 1  6/19 at Park and Holly    6:15pm  (16-6 Runnemede)
Game 2 6/20  at Glover Field        6:15pm  (20-2 Runnemede)
Game 3 6/22  at Park and Holly    6:15pm

Runnemede moves on to Championship Round

 GTAA(2) vs Glendora Meg (3)

Game 1  6/21 at Glover Field   6:15pm  ( 20-10 Gloucester Twp AA)
Game 2 6/22 at Lakeland Rear  6:15pm  (14-6 Gloucester Twp AA)
Game 3 6/22 at Lakeland Rear 8:15pm (Tentative)

GTAA moves on to Championship Round

Minor III First Round

Pine Hill Paul (1)  vs  Pine Hill Bob (4)  (12-8 PHP)
Game 1  6/18 at  Joey Green    6:15pm (Forfeit PHB)
Game 2 6/19  at Joey Green     6:15pm

Pine Hill Paul moves on to Championship Round

 Somerdale (2)  vs  GTBB(3)

Series Forfeit by GTBB.
Somerdale moves on to Championship Round